Astrology Services in Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is a state which covers about one sixth of the Australian continent. A large part of it lies within the tropics and coastline is generally flat and backed by swamps, mangroves and mudflats.

In central Australia, the territory is crossed by the east-west ridges of the Macdonnell Ranges. The monolith Uluru (Ayers Rock) is near the south-west corner of the Territory.

The northern quarter is a distinct region of savannah woodlands and pockets of rainforest. In the north-east, the Arnhem Land plateau Gulf of Carpentaria. A large part of the territory consists of desert or semi-arid plain.

The population here consists of many ethnic backgrounds as well as those of aboriginal descent. The federal legislation enabled aboriginal descendants to claim traditional ownership of vacant Crown land and today Aboriginal land trust own a large part of the region.

The Society: The society here is mixed and people live here peacefully as the resources are not limited.


Astrology Service in Northern Territory:

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