Astrology Services in Mauritius

Mauritius is an archipelago in South Africa in India Ocean. The main island is to the east of Madagascar. They were discovered by Portuguese in 1505. They were again held by Dutch, French, and British. They attained independence 1968.

Earlier the economy was primarily low-income agriculture based economy. The economy has gone through a sea change. It has become diversified on with industrial, financial and tourists sector. The country has now thousands of entities which are aimed at India, South Africa & China.

With its efforts, it has earned one of the highest per capita incomes. The country has a very stable democracy. The elections in the country are very fair and the country has a very positive human record.

The country has a very diverse culture and religion which the immigrant population brought from their ancestral countries. The festivals which are celebrated are Cavadi, Divali, Father Laval, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Id-El-Fitr, Ougadi, and Spring Festival.

A large population of the country has come from Indian Subcontinent which is shown by the various festival celebrated here.

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Traditional Institutions like marriages have gone through a significant change as well. Love Marriages which were non-existent once have become very popular. Technology has popularized it even more. But there have been some challenges as well. People are now facing problems in their relationships. Love Marriage Problem has been solved to satisfaction for many couples by Pt. Karan Sharma.

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