Astrology Services in Bihar

In the Gangetic plane in the eastern part of India, the state of Bihar is located. The state of Bihar is divided into two unequal halves by the Ganga River. It is the third largest state of India. The capital of Bihar is Patna, which is very important place in the history of India. Today, Patna is a very important center of education and business of eastern India.

It is historically one of the most prominent states of India. In ancient and classical India, Bihar was the center of power, learning, and culture. It is the birthplace of Buddhism, the founder of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha was born here. It is also the birthplace of Jainism.

It has many historically important places such as the Gol Ghar (Round House) and Nalanda.

The Culture and Society:

The state of Bihar has various unique forms of literature, cuisines, arts, and festivals. Bihari cuisine is very famous in India. A major festival of Bihar is Chhath Pooja.


Astrology Services in Bihar:

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